Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Girl in a Lap.

The E-Women team in Nicaragua is keeping in touch and is still in much need of our prayers. Continue to pray for the team.

Beth brings us another update.

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you woke to a song on your heart? It´s just one of the special ways that I know that the Lord is speaking to me and I am so thankful.

This morning, I woke up with 'Be Thou Near to Me' on my heart.

And the holy voices sing “Hallelu!”
Ever will Thy reign be.
As I wander through this life,
Oh Lord, be Thou near to me

I pulled out my iPod and begin my morning listening to Selah sing the song the Lord laid on my heart as my morning prayer. Then it was off to breakfast with the team. in the lobby for breakfast.

I´m thankful that I serve a Savior who pursues me and allows me to draw close to Him.

After breakfast, we headed out to a Mission church that began with Compassion International seven years ago. The current pastor and his family have been here for 9 months. The facility is clean and well organized. The classrooms are used for basic instruction skills such as sewing, baking, and they even had a small computer lab. The Compassion team shared this was the first computer lab they’d ever seen in all of their travels. We learned the computer lab is funded by private donations. Private donations do much around here. For example, one of the child sponsors actually brought a team just last week to put a new roof on the facility and assisted with finishing off the classrooms on the second floor. You could tell they were proud to their facility.

After our visit at the Mission church, Scarlett, our hostess, along with the Pastor, and interpreters took us to the homes of two of the children. Our first stop was the home of a 9 year old little girl whose sponsor had visited her about 5 times over the course of a few years. The sponsors picture proudly was hung in the family home which consisted of one large room. The grandmother raises her eight grandchildren of which four of them are a part of the Compassion program. I had the incredible privilege of praying over the grandmother and an infant who has been sick the past few weeks. Needless to say it was a very emotional moment for me and even now reflecting on it I am struggling. The grandmother´s hug after the prayer will forever be etched in my mind.

The home of Stephen, was our next stop. He’s just a little boy who wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He dreams of visiting Jupiter one day but said “I’ll never visit the sun because it will burn me.”. So precious. Stephen lives with his mother, aunts, and grandmother. He told us that he loves Jesus and sang for us. I think we could have all brought him home with us. His sponsor lives in the U.S. as well but he has never had the chance to meet them.

We finished up our visit back at the church with lunch and a program by the children.
We spent some time visiting and brought along school supplies which we gave to the children.

As I close, let me tell you a little about a girl who stole my heart-- Andrienna. During the program, she just came over and curled up in my lap without hesitation. Touch is definitely a universal language as she enjoyed me lightly scratching her arms as I do with my friends’ children and my niece when she was little. With the interpreter’s help, I found out Andrienna is 6 years old. She loves Math and hopes to work with computers someday. She enjoys playing with baby dolls and has two older sisters. Andrienna is one of the precious memories I’ll carry with me long after this trip is over.

Another special friend was Ericka, who teaches the baking classes. We enjoyed talking about baking and exchanged recipes. I got one for Cheese Churos and I´ll be sending over my Monster cookie recipe once I get back in the States.

Have a great day in the Lord...

Continue to pray for God's guidance over this group. Pray that the Lord captivate their hearts and lead them in His ways. And I pray that the Lord captivates your heart. Do you want to sponsor a child? How is the Lord moving you?

Lord, I just come before You humbled to stand and lift up my brothers and sisters in the faith. Lord, be with Beth, Julie, Megan and Michael as they visit the children and the families. Lord give them the eyes to see what You would have them see. Lord, give them the message to deliver back to us. So many things are coming at them, help them sort through each one and focus on Your will for this trip. Lord, we know that it is only through You can we achieve anything. And it's only through You that Ewome exists. Lord, we commit this trip to You. Lord, captivate their hearts! Give them a passion for You! A fiery passion! Lord, captivate my heart and set it on fire with a passion to serve You and only You. Lord, captivate all those who read this blog -- pour out a passion for You on their heads. Bind us to You!


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