Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Miss Christmas!

Wow!  We can't believe that 2010 is coming to a close....and we know you feel the same way!  What a great year!  It has been such an incredible honor and blessing to serve you all and we are eagerly hoping to see you back at one of our 11 EW conferences across the US in 2011!!

Earlier this month, the staff at EW and the AACC were challenged by founder, Dr. Tim Clinton with this, "Don't Miss Christmas!"  At first you would think, "How can we miss Christmas?"  Christmas trees for sale, Santas at every party and store,  "Lowest Price of the Year" sales, lights, etc. etc. etc.  Right?!

Well the reality is, Christmas is EASY to miss...if you're not careful!  The joy in a child's eyes...opportunities to give to those less fortunate...freshly fallen snow...singing carols down the halls of the local nursing home or hospital....celebrating the birth of Jesus...these can all be quickly overlooked if we don't stop and take the time to truly see the wonder of this special time of year. 

So as Christmas approaches this week and the New Year shortly thereafter, take a few moments to stop....slow down....and breathe in--CHRISTMAS!  You'll be glad you did!

In Jesus we have the greatest JOY, the sweetest PEACE, the highest HOPE!  May the love of Jesus, the purpose of His life, and the gift of His salvation touch your heart in a special way this Christmas.

See you in 2011!  We love you!!

The Extraordinary Women Staff

Top Row from Left to Right: Ben Allison, Michael Queen, Jimmy Queen and Michael Stewart
Front Row from Left to Right: Lindsay Fitz, Amy Harris, Julie Clinton and Amy Feigel