Thursday, July 30, 2009

Praying them Home

Our E-Women team is making their way home after spending time in Nicaragua with the Compassion International team.

I was blessed to talk via live chat with Beth each evening. She shared the heartache of the poverty and the joy of those living for the Lord. I can't wait until they return and we hear more stories. I know there are many to share.

They met so many children -- just like those to the right in the Compassion box. These children need you to make a commitment to them -- a commitment of the heart and the wallet. A commitment of only a $38 a month. A commitment you can make today -- just click on the box and learn more about these children in need.

We appreciate your prayers for our E-Women team. I appreciate you checking in here to find out more about them. I ask that you continue to lift them up in prayer. They may be heading back to American soil, but they return changed people. God changes heart when they are obedient to Him.

I want to echo Beth's prayers for the Lord to captivate my heart and to captivate your heart.
Lord, hear our prayers and know that we love You. Captivate my heart and give me a fiery passion that burns deep within my soul. Let me burn brightly for You.

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