Monday, July 27, 2009

Compassion & E-Women Team Up

Compassion is an incredible organization that ministers to children around the world through sponsorships and a variety of other ways. Currently, Compassion helps over one million children in 25 countries!

Compassion is making a global impact for God's Kingdom one child at a time.

A team from the Extraordinary Women staff is traveling with a Compassion team to to Nicaragua where they will meet some of the children and visit with their families.

Maybe you want to sponsor a Compassion Child -- never thought of it? Well, here's your chance. It's only $38 a month. Take a look at the children in need of a sponsor.

This team will have the opportunity to experience the Compassion work first hand. They will visit a Child Development Center and visit in the homes of the children. This is a life-changing trip -- for everyone. And they need our prayers.

Please commit to pray each day for this team --
Beth, Julie, Megan, Michael
Pray for them as they travel today.
They will travel the majority of the day and arrive in Nicaragua tonight.

Each day they are in Nicaragua we will post prayer requests for them. Cover them with prayer.

Lord, I ask that you are with Beth, Julie, Megan, and Michael. Lord, give them comfortable travel and easy connections. Lord, allow them to enjoy sweet fellowship together as they travel. Use this time to prepare their hearts for what You have in store for them. Lord, only You know what the next days hold and I know they are trusting Your plan.
Lord, I ask that you keep them safe as they travel. Let the check-in procedures go smoothly and the security checks move swiftly.

Lord, this is a precious group of Your children and I ask that You hold them in the palm of Your Hand.
In Your Name, Amen.

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