Sunday, May 31, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Beth

Don't you wonder who makes these amazing events happen? I've always been intrigued by the people behind the scenes, the people you usually never hear about. I want to share a few of these people with you. Today we're starting with the Director of Extraordinary Women.

Meet Beth!

She's the Director of Extraordinary Women Conferences -- and she's one incredible and incredibly organized lady.

Beth has been with Extraordinary Women since 2007. She oversees all the details of every Conference. She works with the artists & speakers; handles the location details; oversees the set-up for each event; and is there when everyone leaves to see that all is closed up correctly.

Her work takes her all across the country all year long, but it's not all glamour. Really, there's very little glamour. While we're out there enjoying the speakers and the music, Beth & her team are working. While we're eating lunch and chatting, Beth & her team are working. While we're meeting the speakers and artists or shopping, Beth & her team are working. She's the first one to arrive at the event and the last one to leave.

But I wanted to know more about Beth.... important stuff like:

What's your favorite website: or

Favorite TV show: no TV for Beth

Coke or Pepsi: Diet Mountain Dew

Favorite Starbucks drink: no coffee, but Venti Lemonade is a fav

Pets: Daisy Lou

And new baby, Brinkley. Aren't they the cutest things!

Favorite Scripture: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will guide your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

Constant travel, long hours, and lots & lots of details are what makes up Beth's life, but she also is blessed with a wonderful team, great bosses, and surrounded by incredible people. I asked her to share her favorite part of her job and she said "Let me share what motivates me -- worship. Watching all those women worship." And Beth does more than watch, she worships alongside the women. "This is where I draw my strength."

When you're at your next Extraordinary Women Conference look for Beth, you'll probably see her near the stage, radio in hand, taking care of all the details that make these events incredible.


  1. How awesome to meet the director! I am studying Digital Video Productions and have done some editing so I was glad to see Beth acknowledged. I would like to bring a friend with me but can't afford both of our tickets plus a motel room for one night.Please let me know if I could help with any stage stuff. I already tried to volunteer but spots are all filled. Hope this makes it your way as well as many blessings for putting this all together for the woman of the world. In HIS Hands,

  2. Does Beth need an assistant? I love event planning and orgainzing. What a better way to exhault our Lord then to provide a venue for others to worship. Beth, you are a blessing I assure you! I have done many events and I love seeing the looks on the faces of the people when they arrive and leave! I wish one of your conferences were closer to us in North Texas. I have a wonderful group of ladies at church I would lobe to bring :)
    Stacy Driskell


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