Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Say Hello!

I'm so thrilled to "see" so many people on the blog! Let me say a big HELLO! Glad you're here.

I'm so excited to be a blogging for this incredible ministry -- and I'm humbled that the Lord has blessed me with such an opportunity.

I would love to meet you via the comments section. And for those new to the blogging world, it's easy and fun. Here are some simple posting directions:

Go to the bottom of the post. You'll see posted by Mary R Snyder and then the word comments.
Click on comments.
Type your comments in the box.
Choose one of the profile options. If you don't have any of these accounts you can use anonymous, but consider setting up a blogger account. It's free and easy.
Click post comment. Follow the word verification.

It's really just a couple of clicks and you're there.

Now that you know how to post, sign in and say hello. Let us know if you'll be at an upcoming event and which one.

Prizes! Oh, come back for GREAT prizes! I'll have some going up this week.

Also, get a peak behind the scenes at E-Women. You'll meet the people who make these events tick. They're an amazing group of talented & dedicated people. You're going to love them -- just like I do.

I'm glad you're here! Come back often or click the follow button in the column on the right. We're going to have a blast together!

So, let's get rolling -- introduce yourself.


  1. I attended the e-Women Conference last fall in Columbus, OH. Already registered for this year's conference in Columbus. I can't wait. What an exciting time in the Lord with sisters from my church and around the area.

  2. When did your Michigan conference change from Sterling Heights (Bethesda), to Ypsilanti?

  3. Come on Greenville, SC!!! Let's get on the board! I've been three years in a row now; it's my annual get-away and I'm always refreshed when I come home! Looking forward to getting more and more involved!

  4. Love, Love, Love EWOMEN!!! Hope that the conference will come back to Jackson, MS soon! It was THE most awesome experience for me and my sister! Thanks Ewomen!!!

  5. Anonymous said>>>

    I attended an e-women conference in Jackson, MS, I think it was in March, 2009 on a Friday and Saturday at First Baptist Church and it was so awesome!!! To see hundreds and hundreds of women from everywhere coming together and praising and worshipping God together and making new friends and seeing all the guest singers and speakers.

    I would like to attend the one in Tupelo, please post the date when it is supposed to be!!

    Thank you and God Bless You All Always!!

  6. Hello! I am so excited to see an Ewomen Blog,how fun! I even just put a link to you on my Blog love on my personal blog as well as the one I do for my church book club at I attended my first conference in '08 in Pensacola,FL and absolutly LOVED it that I became the organizer for our church. I attended again this past April in Pensacola and fell in love with it all over again. I will be our church's organizer again this next year as we look forward to 2010. I look forward to reading along with you! God Bless!

  7. My name is Beth Lewis from Birmingham, AL. I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Stormie Omartian's team at her product table this past May, as well as enjoy the speakers and singing. Awesome! I can't wait to work with her again and enjoy the ewomen next year. In fact, I'm hoping to attend the conference in Tupelo in October. An experience that changed my life! God Bless Ewomen!

  8. So thrilled to see all of you!! Beth Lewis! I would love to hear more from you. Just email me at


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