Sunday, May 17, 2009

E-Women B'ham was INCREDIBLE!

I spent Friday night and Saturday in the presence of the Lord and some Extraordinary Women.

The conference blessed me beyond measure! I hope that over the days to come I'll be able to share just a fraction of the grace that God poured over me this weekend.

Free to be Real is the theme for this event and what a wonderful theme!

The Lord and the Spirit are one and the same, and the Lord's Spirit sets us
free. 1 Corinth 3:17

I'm going to share snippets of this event over the days to come, but until then here are some of the Extraordinary Women I stood alongside as we praised & worshipped the Lord together.

It was a joy and and honor to worship with each of you. I hope that we will do it again soon! Don't forget E-Women is coming back to Birmingham next year and there are several more stops coming in the fall.

If you can make it to a conference, get there. You will be blessed!


  1. Like Lynrd Skynrd said:

    "There's good people in Alabama."

    Roll Tide!!!

    Hope ya'll were blessed.

  2. Birmingham was wonderful!! It really put an exclamation mark on what the Lord has been speaking to me: He wants to use my real story not my cleaned up version to touch hearts. Pray for me that I will become FREE TO BE REAL.


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