Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meet Mandy Young - an Ordinary Extraordinay Woman

"My life is not about me. God has a bigger purpose in my life."

It's with this statement I knew that Mandy Young was someone I wanted to know better.

I stumbled across Mandy when her cute face showed up in many of the photos from one of our Extraordinary Women events. She has this amazing smile that just grabs you -- and I wanted to know about this ordinary extraordinary woman. I learned that she was good friends with the wonderful and so precious Candace Cameron Bure. I have to admit I was a bit starstruck -- I just adore Candace and think she is just a sweetheart.

Armed with the knowledge that she is well-loved by the E-Women team and friends with Candace, I set out to get to know her. I quckly learned just how incredibly extraordinary Mandy Young is.

Mandy has lived a life of sickness and pain that would bring most grown men to their knees, but not this extraordinary woman.

Nine times Mandy's parents were told she wouldn't survive the night -- but she's still here. She's suffered through years of life-threatening infections, never knowing why she gets sick. She even lost her leg at the age of nine. But her smile never dimmed.
For two years she had to live in isolation -- and she continued to smile.

This isn't to say that Mandy hasn't had her bad days. I'm sure she has, but her attitude and her heart are just amazing.

Mandy's dream team of doctors, nurses, and all manner of medical specialists diagnosed her with a gene mutation -- don't even ask me to explain it. You have to hear it from Mandy.

Mandy has a heart that is bigger than her gorgeous smile and wisdom that challenges me to a deeper walk with God. As I talked with Mandy she shared her heart with me and something she said made me realize just how extraordinary she is.

" I feel God has given me my disease for a purpose and I might never understand."

What a powerful statement.

Mandy is just beginning to share her story at churches and events. Check out her website for more on her story and where she is speaking. You don't want to miss hearing her story -- she is one amazing, incredibly, adorable, and yes, EXTRAORDINARY women who will challenge you in your walk with God. You can read more about her at www.MandyYoung.com

I know she challenges me!!


  1. Beautiful write up. Many is amazing for sure!
    Rachel K. Pennsylvania

  2. Awwww thanks Mary! You're awesome! If anyone would like to visit my website it's www.mandyyoung.com


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