Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early Bird Discounts!!

I LOVE a bargain! And I LOVE Extraordinary Women Conferences.

Book early and SAVE $40 off the door price!

Plan early and get those tickets bought! Then let me know where I can find you! Maybe we'll get to meet IRL (in Real Life)!

Click Here to Register or click on your city to register.

Early Bird Discount Dates

Tulsa, OK -- register by January 15th

Austin, TX = register by January 15th

Pensacola, FL = register by February 12th

Jackson, MS = register by February 19th

Greenville, SC = register by February 26th

Johnson City, TN = register by March 5th

Birmingham, AL = register by March 19th

Hampton, VA = register by March 26th

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  1. So i totally wish i could get out to another E-Womens conference. I shared my testimony at the E-Women's conference infront of the 5000 women there as one of the 'house of hope' girls and i seriously loved the atmosphere, people, and love and passion for Jesus! I CANT WAIT UNTIL I CAN GET THERE AGAIN! and who knows...maybe end up on stage again...people say that im so courageous and strong but its God's love and life and joy and strength in me that keeps me going!


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