Monday, September 7, 2009

Volunteers -- is this you?

Have you ever thought about giving your time to help out with an Extraordinary Women event?

Let me just share that this is an amazing way to be involved in one of the most incredible events in the country.

Take a look at this list and if you live in any of the regions or are willing to travel to the area, you may just be able to volunteer for Extraordinary Women.

Coming Up:

Roanoke, Virginia - Sept 25/26, 2009
Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Oct 2/3, 2009
Ypsilanti, Michigan - Oct 9/10, 2009
Columbus, Ohio -- Oct 16/17, 2009
Tupelo, MS -- Oct 23/24, 2009
Rockford, Illinois - Nov 6/7, 2009
Charleston, West Virginia - Nov 20/21, 2009

Are you near any of these?

Take a look at the volunteer information.

All volunteers get free conference registration and free lunch on Saturday.

Get an amazing blessing and give back to your community & the family of faith! What an EXTRAORDINARY opportunity!

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