Thursday, September 24, 2009

Praying for EWomen Roanoke, VA

Today is the DAY! It's Extraordinary Women in Roanoke VA!

Please join me in prayer for all the EWomen team, the volunteers, the artists, the speakers, the staff, the people working the product tables, and for all the EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN who will show up.

Dear Lord, to You be the power and the glory. Lord, I humbly ask that you pour your grace and mercy out over all those involved in the planning and the preparation. Lord, give them a stress-free set up and give each one strength as he/ she prepares to serve the women who will come through the doors.

Lord, be with each speaker and musician. Reinforce the message you have given them for this specific group of women. Lord, rain down on them with hope, joy, peace and a vision for who you want them to become.

Lord, give each one a thirst for You! Lord, give each one a heart to reach out to her sisters in Christ and bring them to hear the messages that will fill the arena tonight and tomorrow.

And we give You all the glory! AMEN!

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