Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Beginning to 2010 in Tulsa

Extraordinary Women kicked off Friday night in Tulsa with AMAZING worship with Mandisa.  Chonda Pierce had us all laughing and then she had us all thinking about where we find our peace. 

Jeremy Camp closed the show – and he had us all praising the Lord with one voice! 


Here are a few highlights from the night.


Mandisa leading us in worship!!









Chonda making us laugh!



Julie Clinton with one of the thousands of extraordinary women in Tulsa.










Jeremy Camp and his red piano… yes, I know it doesn’t look red, but trust me …. it’s RED – red!

There were woman from all over with us to open up 2010 and hear the message of Embracing Powerful Peace.









Precious group of four women who where having a blast tonight! 

Tomorrow brings Lysa Terkeurst, Sheri Rose Shepherd, Karen Kingsbury, Angela Thomas and more Mandisa!  And we’ll have more pictures and a few stories to share! 


  1. Having a blast Mary! See you later today!

  2. I was dragged to this by one of my moms' friends and was skeptical... But after the first night, I was energized! This comference was AMAZING! Had a blast, met new friends and familiar faces, and was truly blessed by the Lord! I plan on comming back next year!

  3. I LOVE hearing things like what "Anonymous" said above - about not wanting to go and then getting the blessing of her life! LOL That's what it's all about :) Can't wait for April 9 to get here so I can go to Pensacola's event :)

  4. Hi everybody. Does anyone have a list of the songs that Mandisa sang during praise and worship? And also, what was the first song that Jeremy Camp sang when he first came on stage at the red piano? Thanks--SJ


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