Monday, October 5, 2009

Nannette -- A View from the Seats

I asked Nannette if she would be willing to serve as our guinea pig for this new blog feature ‘A View from the Seats,’ and she said “I’d love to.”

This feature is about you, the extraordinary women in the seats. We want to hear about the conference from where you sit. So, if you’re heading to a conference or you’ve been to one this year, just let me know and I would love to feature you and your group.

And now here’s our first extraordinary woman -- Nannette!

I attended my first E Women Conference in 2005. I was so moved and inspired that I went back to my home church and started talking it up to my friends. The next year we sent 18 women to the conference.

The conference always encourages me and I was so excited about going this year. I was even more excited when I got there and was able to get seats in the front. (Ed note: and Nannette got some incredible pictures)

It is hard to give you a moment that was my favorite. Karen Kingsbury is such an inspiration, I love the way she makes you crack up laughing one moment and has you in tears the next.


Anita Renfoe made me laugh so hard I was crying.


I have read many of Stormie Ormartian's books and had no idea about her life struggle.

But of all the speakers I was very moved by Candace Cameron Bure's testimony. I grew up watching her as DJ, and was so excited to see her and meet her. I had no idea what her testimony was, but as she was speaking I was very moved.


I was also moved by the people who came forward to recommit their lives to the Lord or tho give their lives to the Lord. The musicians were awesome as well, I loved singing along with all the songs. But the most awesome thing about the Extraordinary Women Conference is being in the same room with people of all different backgrounds, different ages and different circumstances and were all worshiping the Lord.


Thank you Nannette-- your words and pictures tell an wonderful story! You, sweet woman, are one more Extraordinary Woman!

Candace Cameron Bure

candace _Brooke_Nannette

Amy Grant


Times Up

times up

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