Monday, August 17, 2009

A message from Candace Cameron Bure

Hey Ladies!!

I'm so excited to get back into the "speaking" groove after my summer break. E Women is one of my favorite conferences and you're all in for a treat. I'll be sharing my testimony, growing up in Hollywood, how my faith fit in and where I'm at today. I may even share a little bit about my husband. :)

I can't wait to meet you and share with you and even more, I'm looking forward to hearing all the other performers and speakers to be encouraged and inspired myself.

I've had a super busy summer, being back on TV on my new show "Make It Or Break It" on ABC Family Channel. We're moving back to Los Angeles (my hometown) since the show got picked up for another season! As exciting as that is, my first priority is my family and where I'll put my kids in school. We've been praying a lot and waiting on the Lord to show us which school will be best for our family. Exciting stuff, but one I don't want to mess up! Can you feel me moms?

I'll see you at E Women!


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  1. You're an amazing woman, Candace. I am thrilled that God can use you to influence people (oh, yeah, and Hollywood). I love following you (and other Christian women) on twitter!!! Its fun to feel like women really are all in the same boat! Follow me @sassyserena or check out my blog on I would truly be honored!


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