Thursday, June 18, 2009

Name Your Conference!


There are conferences coming up later in this year --

Raytown Mo Aug 28-29

Roanoke VA  Sept 25-26

Ft. Wayne In Oct 2-3

Ypsilanti MO Oct 9-10

Columbus Oh Oct 16-17

Tupelo MS Oct 23-24

Rockford IL Nov 6-7

Charleston WV Nov 20-21

Will you be at any of these? 

Let me know.  Maybe we’ll meet each other or maybe you’ll run into some other women from the blog.

Or maybe you’ve been to an earlier conference.  I would love to hear about your experience. 

I want to hear from you --


  1. I attended the Pensacola Conf. this past April and LOVED it. I always feel so energized and renewed in Christ after I go. I leave the doors on Saturday night and already can't wait till the next one. I 100% recommend these conferences.

  2. I will be at the one in Roanoke Va in Sept.

  3. I was interested in coming to a conference, but I notice that all of your '09 conferences are some distance away. I live in PA (well, almost North Jersey) and would love to attend a conference a little closer. Any chance you have one coming up in my area in 2010?

  4. Cherilyn -- let me do some checking and I'll be back to you!

  5. I live in TN. Is there a schedule of my local area in the 2010 calendar?

    Thanks, April


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